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Based off the Miami Classic, this horizontal shoulder holster features a total of eight pivot points to allow the rig to adjust with your body movements.

The thumb break stiffener is set in between the lining and main color to prevent rubbing on your weapon.

I use are heavy duty black snaps from DOT. 


The harness has numerous adjustment holes to allow you to set it for your ideal position. The harness is made from a firm temper chap leather. Available colors are Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown. 


Standard features include:

Weapon specific detailed hand molding, molded front sight channel and a sweat shield.

Choice of one solid drum dyed color in either Black, Mahogany, Walnut, Tan, Dark Brown, or natural Russet.

Standard holsters are single ply and unlined.

A single stitch line in choice of color.

Includes a reinforcement trim piece over the thumb break to strengthen this area.


All holsters will be built per a weapon's factory specifications. If your weapon has been upgraded with after market accesories including safeties and sights please contact me prior to ordering to ensure the holster will still work correctly for your weapon.



Standard Classic Style Shoulder Holster

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