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Horizon Country Leather 
            Online Store


At Horizon Country Leather, I offer many styles of holsters. In the online store, you will find all of the holsters I offer in the Standard series.   


*Full grain lining-  All holsters are now built with a full grain lining. The liner is made with two thin layers of vegetable tanned leather. The layers are laminated cross grained to provide rigidity and strength. The smooth grain side will be visible to provide a beautiful finished look and to offer additional protection from wear. The lining does not add bulk to the holster as the layers together equal the same thickness as the single ply holsters. By choosing lined, you can have the benefits of a lined holster without the extra thickness. Liner colors can be natural russet, match the main color, or be an accent color.


Premium upgrades can be ordered as a Custom Order :   

      * Double stitch line- A second row of stitching will be added to the holster for a nice decorative look. This is a great way to highlight accent thread colors. 

      *Exotic overlay or inlay

      *Decorative stamping design


Please refer to the Custom Information page to order any of the premium options or a custom rig. Thank you.


 Please select your firearm make from the drop down menu. Below that please type in your specific model in the space provided.  This is the information I will use to build the holster to fit your specific firearm. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you.

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